International Inc.

#224-9738 51 Ave Nw
Edmonton, Alberta,
T6E 0A6, Canada.
Tel: 780-432-6898
Fax: 780-432-6905
Email : corporate@edcast.ca

Company Profile

EDCAST International Inc., was founded in 1997 in Edmonton Alberta, Canada’s Mining and Oil Industrial Heartland. We have been supply castings and forgings, ranging in weight from a few lbs to over 40 tons, to various industries for Canadian, USA, Mexico, Central, and South American customers.

With our experience and continuous improvements, EDCAST strives to remain in the forefront of the foundry and forging industries and is always ready to meet the expectation of our customers by manufacturing high quality products in the most cost-effective manner. Our Edmonton office can work with manufacturers and end users to provide castings and forgings for North American and Global markets. Our Engineering & Technical services can assist our customers to improve their casting and forging design and to produce components that fit their specific application. We have cultivated well established relationships with Canadian and offshore foundries/forging facilities provide high quality castings and forgings to our customers at a very competitive pricing.

We have been supplying a wide range of castings and forgings to different industries including but not limited to: Mining, Construction, Aggregate, Crushing, Trenching/Drilling, Oil & Gas, Scrap Metal Processing, Asphalt/Concrete Recycling and Heat Resistant castings for Iron Ore Pelletizing plants, Co-generation, OSB and GTS plant.

Edcast utilizes ISO 9001: 2008 Certified foundries and forging facilities for our castings and forgings supervised by our in-house Engineering and QA department.

Our Vision

The vision of EDCAST is to supply castings and forgings that continually meet the quality expectations of our customers at a very competitive pricing.

EDCAST will strive to be a cost effective supplier of castings and forgings by utilizing its world-wide alliances with the most well established foundries and forging facilities.